The Worst On-Screen Moms

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for attending the first-ever “Worst On-Screen Mom” Derby. Here are your hosts, Kate Gosselin and “Mama” June.

Thank you, ladies. You’re truly two of the worst.

The Contestants (grouped by odds to win)

100 – 1 Odds

These Moms are evil, but their chances of winning are slim.

80 – 1 Odds

Slightly worse, but still have work to do.

60 – 1 Odds

We’re getting closer to the favorites, but these ladies still need to step up their game.

40 – 1 Odds

These gals wouldn’t shock anyone if they got close, but we’re still looking at middle of the pack contenders.

20 – 1 Odds

These women are on the cusp of greatness. It might be worth taking a chance on one of these moms.

10 – 1 Odds

Everyone from here on has really put in the works it takes to be the crappiest mother.

8 – 1 Odds

Don’t sleep on this mom, she has a real shot.

6 – 1 Odds

Any of these women could go home with the blue ribbon.

3 – 1 Odds

Pamela is your odds on favorite to be the worst on-screen mother of all time.

Who would you bet on? Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments.

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