Musical Curses Throughout History

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In the two-part episode covering various curses in the music world, Episode 41 covers #’s 10-6 and Episode 42 tackles 5-1. Below are some individual curse related collages created by Curator135. Please enjoy and share. If you are unfamiliar with any of these curses, check out the podcast episodes posted below.

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10. John Lennon – The Number 9

After being born on the 9th, the number nine followed Lennon throughout his life.

9. Gloomy Sunday

The song is sad enough on its own, the rumor that it makes people commit suicide just by listening is even sadder. The most famous version to be banned from radio was Billie Holiday’s.

8. Dead Man’s Curve

Jan and Dean had numerous hits in their young career. One of them was called “Dead Man’s Curve.” Not long after the release of the song, Jan Berry lived through the song, but just barely.

7. The Curse of the Ninth

The origin of the superstition seems to begin with Gustav Mahler who lived from 1860 to 1911. Mahler was aware that both Ludwig Van Beethoven and Franz Schubert had died either before writing or while writing their tenth symphony.

6. The Devil’s Trill

The Violin Sonata in G minor, known as the Devil’s Trill Sonata is a work for solo violin written by Giuseppe Tartini. He’s quoted as saying, “One night, in the year 1713 I dreamed I had made a pact with the devil for my soul. Everything went as I wished: my new servant anticipated my every desire. Among other things, I gave him my violin to see if he could play.”

5. The Day the Music Died

There are plenty of possible incidents related to the Buddy Holly curse. Buddy Holly was one of the pioneers of rock n’ roll, hundreds of musicians felt or still feel a connection to the young man.

4. Fleetwood Mac Guitarists

After battling years of psychedelic drugs and mental illness, Peter Green passed away in his sleep in 2020. Jeremy Spencer joined a cult and has been charged with sex crimes in the past. Danny Kirwan died in his sleep from Pneumonia complications in 2018. He was 68. Bob Welch shot himself in 2012 after failed spinal surgery. He was just 65. Bob Weston was found dead in his home in 2012. He was only 64.

3. The Glass Harmonica

The popularity and novelty of the musical instrument didn’t stick around for long. Its low volume compared to other instruments and rumors of the harm it could cause didn’t help matters. There was a growing belief that, if performed for a long enough duration, musicians and listeners alike could go mad.

2. Robert Johnson at the Crossroads

Legend has it that Robert Johnson, king of the Delta Blues, was not a very good guitar player until the day he came upon the devil at the crossroads. The devil tuned his guitar for him, granted him the ability to be one of the best and took his soul in return. The song “Crossroad Blues” has meant death for many musicians.

1. The 27 Club

Robert Johnson’s death on August 16th, 1938, began what is known in the music world as “The 27 Club”. It was not tied back to him or named, however, until a number of significant rock n’ roll deaths towards the end of the 1960s.

BONUS Sonata No. 6

The Piano Sonata No. 6 by Alexander Scriabin was composed in 1911. Scriabin reportedly never played the sonata in public, because he feared its darkness.

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