The Nain Rouge in the Media

Detroit’s Long Time Guardian and Harbinger

In Episode 31 ‘The Nain Rouge’, Curator 135 takes a look at the long, checkered history of the ‘folklorish’ tale of Detroit’s red dwarf.

1968 Infomercial on Nain

“Back in the 1960’s the city of Detroit began a campaign to educate people on the good works of The Nain Rouge. Now finally rediscovered this information film looks at the bonuses of having an ancient guardian to a major metropolitan city. This film tries to dispel some of the more common myths and lies told about The Nain Rouge and seeks to restore Nain to his rightful place as protector of our fair city.”

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Nain on the Big Screen

First Mentions of the Nain Rouge

Nain’s Work in Headlines

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