1913 Calumet Miner Strike and Italian Hall Disaster in Pictures

It Was a Bad Year in Copper Country

Below are various collections of photos from the Calumet area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In the year 1913, the town was hit with a mining strike that brought in the entire Michigan National Guard, various forms of law enforcement and a whole lot of trouble. The year ended with 73 Calumet residents, mostly children, dying in a tragic Christmas Eve incident at the Italian Hall.

Joke Gone Wrong? Murderous Intent?

Someone yelled “fire” and over 70 people died in the Italian Hall’s stairwell that night. The Union said it was someone from the opposition. The Jury felt it may have just been a drunk patron of the saloon below. No one was ever charged.

Episode 30 is Out Now

Listen to Episode 30 ‘The 1913 Christmas Eve Massacre’ on any major podcast app. Or click and listen down below. The year 1913 in the Upper Peninsula was like a Martin Scorsese film.

Thank you to Michigan Tech’s Vast Photo Archive for Some of these Photos


Calumet (Various)

1913 Miner Strike

The Christmas Eve Italian Hall Disaster

Newspaper Headlines

Listen to Woody Guthrie Sing 1913 Massacre

Podcast Episode

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