Fun with A.I. – Rebranding Unloved Halloween Candy

Artificial Intelligence gives some of the most disliked and ridiculed candy a makeover.

You’re 12-years-old and you just got done slogging through the neighborhood streets, yelling “trick or treat” until your throat was sore. You tear off your costume and dump your full pillowcase onto the floor. Before you is a mountain of candy. You quickly spot your favorites. You move the ones you could do without into the trade pile and you set aside a few of your dad’s favorites as a thank you for escorting you around all night even though he clearly didn’t plan ahead and bring enough cans of Budweiser.

When all that is done, what is leftover? More importantly, what will you do with the leftovers? No one wants them and they’ll sit in the candy bowl until you become desperate enough. Someone must like them though or they wouldn’t still be making them.

Let’s turn to Artificial Intelligence and see if we can’t make those much maligned candies into Halloween must-haves.

First, we need an updated spooky, Halloween, mascot.

Prompt Entered: A scary monster that looks like (insert hated candy).

Then we need some catch phrases, tag lines and candy highlights.

Prompt Entered: Name the mascot for (insert hated candy). Give me a new slogan and then tell me why it’s America’s new favorite candy.

See below for the responses given!

10. Candy Corn

Name: “Kernel Kandy, the Candy Corn Monster”

Slogan: “Making Dentists Rich Since… Well, Forever! Embrace the Sweetness, Ignore the Cavities!”

Why Candy Corn: “Just like the diverse layers of its vibrant colors, Candy Corn represents the rich tapestry of American culture, uniting people of all backgrounds in the sweet joy of tradition. Its unique shape and unmistakable taste evoke nostalgia, reminding us of cherished moments spent with family and friends during Halloween and fall festivities. Moreover, Candy Corn embodies resilience, enduring generations and evolving through time, much like the nation it represents. By choosing Candy Corn as America’s favorite candy, we celebrate not only its delightful sweetness but also the shared experiences that make us a colorful and united nation.”

9. Circus Peanuts

Name: “Munchy the Monstrous Circus Peanut”

Slogan: “Defy your good taste. Dare to chew the impossible.”

Why Circus Peanuts? “Their quirky shape and vibrant orange color bring a touch of excitement to every bite, making them a symbol of joy and laughter. Embracing Circus Peanuts as America’s favorite candy is a celebration of the unexpected, reminding us that life, like these delightful treats, is full of surprises.”

8. Necco Wafers

Name: “Whimsy the Wafer Wonder”

Slogan: “Because Who Needs a Favorite Flavor When You Have Them All? Embrace the Rainbow of ‘Okay, I Guess’!”

Why Necco Wafers? “Their understated charm lies in the fact that they don’t just rely on one overpowering flavor but offer a delightful medley of subtle tastes, creating a harmonious balance on the taste buds. Choosing Necco Wafers means embracing variety, appreciating the nuanced notes of each color without the pressure of picking favorites. They’re a candy for the open-minded, those who relish surprise in every bite. Moreover, Necco Wafers hold a rich history, connecting generations through their timeless appeal.”

7. Nik-L-Nip

Name: “Slurp the Syrup Sipper”

Slogan: “Where Wax Meets Wonder!”

Why Nik-L-Nip? “With its unique wax bottles and sweet syrup inside, it provides a delightful experience that goes beyond taste – it’s a fun activity in itself. Nik-L-Nip encourages creativity as kids playfully bite, squeeze, and sip the sugary contents. Its enduring charm lies in its interactive nature, making it more than just a candy; it’s a mini adventure in every package.”

6. Dots

Name: “Dotson the Fearful Fruity”

Slogan: “Making You Question Your Life Choices. Embrace the Sweet Rebellion!”

Why Dots? “Each tiny, colorful gumdrop bursts with fruity flavor, making every bite a taste explosion. Dots are the candy that bridges generations, bringing smiles to the faces of both kids and adults alike. Their playful, chewy texture provides a delightful contrast to the usual chocolate candies, adding variety to the candy landscape.”

5. Good and Plenty

Names: “Licorice Larry and Arnie Anise”

Slogan: “Unleash the Licorice Love!”

Why Good & Plenty? “Its unique combination of sweet candy coating and intense black licorice center creates a flavor profile that caters to those with a penchant for the bold and daring. By choosing Good & Plenty, America would celebrate diversity in taste, showcasing an appreciation for both classic sweets and adventurous flavors.”

4. Bit-O-Honey

Name: “Buzzy the Bitter Bee”

Slogan: “Un-BEE-lievably hard to eat!”

Why Bit-O-Honey? “Its unique blend of honey and almond bits provides a distinctive taste that sets it apart from the usual chocolate treats. During the spooky season, Bit-O-Honey’s golden hues and chewy texture evoke a sense of coziness, making it a perfect complement to the crisp autumn air.”

3. Dubble Bubble

Name: “”Bubble Bob, the Gumzilla”

Slogan: “Where Chew Meets the Unknown! Get Ready to Blow Your Mind… Literally!”

Why Dubble Bubble? “Halloween is all about imagination and playfulness, and Dubble Bubble bubble gum encourages just that. With its vibrant colors and mouthwatering flavors, it adds an extra splash of excitement to the festivities. Moreover, it’s the perfect candy for sharing and connecting with others during trick-or-treating adventures. The joy of blowing colorful bubbles creates an interactive experience that enhances the Halloween spirit.”

2. Peanut Butter Kisses

Name: “Nutter Oddball, the Kissable Quirk”

Slogan: “Even zombies say no, and they eat anything.”

Why Peanut Butter Kisses? “Bring a touch of spooky elegance to the festivities. Their classic colors embody the essence of Halloween, adding a stylish twist to the holiday palette. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these quirky candies offer a surprising burst of peanut butter goodness, delighting taste buds with an unexpected flavor adventure. Additionally, their unique taste and distinctive wrapping create a sense of anticipation, making each unwrapping experience a thrilling surprise.”

1. Mary Jane

Name: “Menacing Mary”

Slogan: “Where Fear Grows with Every Bite.”

Why Mary Jane? “Because they embody the essence of the spooky season with their rich, molasses-infused flavor and nostalgic charm. These chewy candies have stood the test of time, sometimes literally. Their comforting sweetness and unique taste offer a delightful contrast to the abundance of chocolates, making them a refreshing choice for Halloween enthusiasts. Furthermore, their vintage packaging and timeless appeal evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of the magic and simplicity of Halloweens past.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment section below.

Here are a few more images that A.I. spit out at me while making this post. Enjoy.

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