Fun with A.I. – Scary Norman Rockwell Paintings

Artificial Intelligence paints horror icons in the style of Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell is known for his cover illustrations depicting everyday life that he created for The Saturday Evening Post. His style of art was called photorealism due to the quality being similar to that of a photo.

But what if Rockwell was still around today and commissioned to paint some of our favorite characters from scary movies? Let’s find out.

At first I asked the A.I. bot to paint horror icons in the style of Norman Rockwell. With no specifics, the computer churned out dozens of thumbnails of scary looking folks that could certainly star in a movie of their own. Having the word ‘icon’ in the prompt led the A.I. to think I wanted clipart sized photos and that’s what I got. While it wasn’t what I meant… the results are pretty fantastic.

Thumbnail sized horror

Pretty great results

But not exactly what I was looking for.

I needed to be more specific.

Prompt Entered: “A painting of (insert horror movie character) in the style of Norman Rockwell.”

Response Given: Click through the gallery of ‘Norman Rockwell Scary Paintings’

Where do I go next?

Is there something bizarre you’d like to see thrown together by A.I.? Let me know. None of these would have been acceptable on The Saturday Evening Post but it’s fun to see what Rockwell’s work would have looked like if he went a darker route.

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