Fun with A.I. – Scary Movie Characters as Robots

All of your favorite horror icons turned into robots

As scary of an idea that Artificial Intelligence is and with how quickly it’s evolving, it’s hard not to want to take it for a test drive. Once you’ve entered the endless world of possibilities, all sorts of rabbit holes can open up.

A.I. can write a song for you, a book report, or create images beyond your wildest imagination. So what kind of job did I come up with for my A.I. bot?

Prompt Entered: “(insert scary movie character) as a robot.

Response Given: Click through the gallery of ‘Horror Movie Robots’

Legends of Horror

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, I give you Elvira, Alfred Hitchcock and Vincent Price in robot form.

Let’s Play a Game

I’m now fully addicted to entering random stuff into the A.I. generator. Who knows where we will head next.

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