Horror Movies as Children’s Books

What if some famous horror movies became children’s books?

Last October, I brought you 21 movie posters based on big-budget horror adaptations of well-known children’s books. Unfortunately, Hollywood didn’t pick up on any of them although someone did greenlight the Winnie the Pooh horror film.

So now, I’ve decided to bring this strange idea full circle and present to you a number of horror movies as they might appear in children’s book form. Some are more plausible than others.

It’s horror. It’s adorable. It’s a-hor-able idea.

The Classics – Everyone knows these

Well-loved Favorites – For a more adventuresome horror fan

New Age Horror – for the artsy, intelligent fans

Gross Out Horror – I shouldn’t have even done this one

What did I miss?

Comment below on a horror movie you’d like to see adapted into a children’s book. Maybe we’ll add it.

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