The Year That Was… 1952

An In Depth Look at the Year of London Smog, Polio and the Diary of Anne Frank

1952 was also the year that my mom, Terri was born. She would have been 70-years-old today. Let’s take a look back at the year that was…

The Top Names in Entertainment

In other entertainment news from that year, the Today Show, debuts on NBC with Dave Garroway hosting. The Jackie Gleason Show (The Honeymooners) debuts on CBS and Signing in the Rain, High Noon and The Greatest Show on Earth control the box office.

Ernest Hemingway penned The Old Man and the Sea and at the Academy Awards that year, the Best Picture was An American in Paris produced by Arthur Freed and released by MGM.

Life and Death

On February 6th of 1952, King George VI of England dies. His daughter becomes Elizabeth II. The great London Fog (smog) killed hundreds and Polio knocked out thousands.

In Other News

Britain announces its development of atomic weapons, Greece and Turkey join NATO.

The US explodes its first thermonuclear bomb at Enewetak Island on November 1st and over 55 million people tuned in to Richard Nixon’s speech on TV. In sports, the Yankees won the World Series, the Minneapolis Lakers won the NBA Title and the Detroit Redwings won the Stanley Cup.

Science gave us the polio vaccine thanks to Jonas E. Salk and the first plastic artificial heart valve was developed at Georgetown Medical Center.

A Gallery of 1952 Goodies

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