The Best Teachers and Students in Television and Film History

It’s Back to School Time

Anyone who works within a school building knows that teachers come in a wide variety of age, race and personality. In one room you could have a gruff, hardened veteran and in the next, a perky, young, fresh faced first year teacher. One is, as of now, untainted by what’s to come. The other… has seen some s**t.

Teachers make for great character studies and maybe that’s why so many shows and movies are set within schools.

Even more entertaining and diverse are the students.

As I enter another year working for a local school district it got me to thinking about some of the favorite and most memorable school related characters. To make things easy I’ve assembled them all in to one handy school yearbook.

Television and Film School Yearbook – Staff

Television and Film School Yearbook – Students

Television and Film School Yearbook – Schools

Fictional or non, good luck to all the teachers and students this year.

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