The Case of Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart

In Pictures

In episode 45 of the podcast, Nathan dives into what started the Satanic Panic and how the disappearance and later, murders of Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart factored into that.

Here you will find research and photos of some of the key players and news articles surrounding the case.

Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart

The couple goes missing on the morning of July 5th, 1988

Buried side by side on December 3rd, 1988

1989 – 1990

Hopes were still high that someone would come forth with information.

1991 Unsolved Mysteries comes to town

2004 – 2016 Still no answers

2017 Finally a real lead – John Gilbreath

1994 Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults

A VHS video was released to all police departments across the country. It was to serve as training on how to handle someone in a Satanic cult. It’s since been made fun of on the internet. Here are stills from the actual video.

Important locations in Sally and Shane’s case

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