The Benny Evangelist Story in Photos

Episode 40 of the Curator135 Podcast is out now

In the episode, Nathan looks into the mysterious life of Benny Evangelist and his good friend Aurelius Angelino. They emigrated from Naples, Italy to America looking for a fresh start. What they found was an interest in the occult and folk medicine.

Things didn’t end up well for either man or their large, Italian families.

During the years of prohibition and the beginnings of the mafia, the 1920s were a mysterious and dangerous time to be alive for residents of these pop-up ‘Little Italy’ communities. Both York, Pennsylvania, and Detroit, Michigan experienced horrific crimes between 1919 and 1929.

Learn about this story in Episode 40 – Off With His Head: The Benny Evangelist Story on any major podcast app or in the player below.

A Collection of Photos and Articles

Oldest History Of The World As Told By Occult Science in Detroit, MI by Benny Evangelist

Here is a portion of the book discussed in Episode 40. Evangelist planned on writing three more volumes. By time he lost his head, he’d only just begun.

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Follow this link to read more of Volume 1. It will give you some insight into the mind of Benny Evangelist.

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