The Greatest (fill in the blank) of All Time

A name. Something everyone has. And while you may be the best Joe, Linda or Francis in your mind; who are the biggest (fill in the blank) of all time?

I’ll periodically update this post with more names.

Names are a Team Sport

If it’s a competition, we might as well turn these names into teams. Who will have the best line up?


A team full of rock stars and comedians, led by the former king of late night talk shows.


With the original Batman as your head coach, how could you lose? Throw in Adam Sandler and two thirds of the Beastie Boys for good measure.


Some of the greatest minds of our generation are on this coaching staff. The roster is questionable but Steve Harvey always comes to play.


With a captain like Betty White and the brains and beauty of Bettie Page and Betty Ford, Head Coach Betty Carter is set up for success.


Spacemen, music legends, amazing authors, Doogie Howser M.D. and more… This team is out of this world!


Sharon Stone and Sharon Osbourne in the backcourt? That’s as tough as you can get. They may not be full of star power but they have woman power for days.


With so many great ‘Peters’ to choose from, selecting the first team was tough. There are some legends of rock n’ roll in this line up combined with talented actors. Don’t sleep on the Peters.

What name do you want to see next?

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