Hallway Hauntings

Ghostly Ghouls Stuck in Schools

In Episode 38, Curator 135 discusses recent cases of school buildings that have experienced paranormal phenomena. From upset dieties to headless ghost girls hitching a ride on the backs of unsuspecting students.

Deerpark CBS in Cork, Ireland

Prank or poltergeist? CCTV footage from Deerpark CBS, one of the oldest schools in Cork City. As of 2019, the school was renamed Coláiste Éamann Rís. The school grounds have long been rumored to be haunted and its reported that in the in the 19th century, criminals were hanged on what is now school property. The fact-checking website Snopes says that while the videos are well done, they are fake. The school denies it, although the videos did coincide with an upcoming Halloween party at the school.

Advertisement for the Halloween Party

Yanagawa High School, Japan

Around 10am on June 30th of 2014, a first-year student at Yanagawa High School in Japan, suddenly began screaming in the middle of class and became unable to move her body. Soon after, twenty-six of her female classmates and schoolmates began displaying the same strange behavior. The class had recently taken a trip to Mt. Hiko where it is rumored that the ghost of a headless girl resides. Officials blamed mass hysteria.

From a classmate’s Twitter Feed
From a classmate’s Twitter Feed

Lee Williams High School, Kingman, Arizona

Flickering lights, phantom footsteps, alarms that go off for no reason, men and women in pioneer days attire and a tiny girl who just wants to play. All of that and more inside of a school that was partially built on top of a cemetary. In 2013, during construction of the new school building, eleven graves, seven coffins, and artifacts were found. The area needed to be blessed by a tribal elderman before anyone would return to work.

Sophie B. Wright Middle School, New Orleans

During Hurricane Katrina the National Guardsman used Sophie B. Wright as a staging area. Numerous guardsman reported seeing various apparitions during their stay. The sheer amount of reports led to the chaplain performing a cleansing of the building. Nowadays, the school is one of the top performing schools in the area.

Julia F. Callahan Elementary School, Massachusettes

Callahan, who created the PTA and spent her entire adult life in education, died in 1952. That same year they named a school in her honor. Staff members and students all agree that her ghost still resides in the school and watches over the children. Noises can be heard down the hallways as well as the library and in the attic.

West High School, Anchorage, Alaska

Too many staff members and students to count have witnessed the woman in white in some form at the Alaskan high school. Her favorite area seems to be the school’s massive auditorium. You can find her on stage, in the rows of seats or running through the corridors and halls of the basement.

Lambertville High School, New Jersey

New Jersey’s Lambertville High was closed down in 2012 after years of aging, vandalism and arson made it an unsafe area. It’s been called the most haunted school on the East Coast. From floating eyes on the football field to the possibility of over one hundred ghost kids supposedly lost in a fire. The school may be gone but is it possible that the spirits remain?

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