The Phantom Barber in the News

And his friend, Jack the Clipper

Throughout history nefarious men have stalked women in an effort to steal some of their beautiful hair. Sometimes it’s for profit, sometimes it’s out of contempt and sometimes perversion. Whatever the case, numerous towns and cities in a host of different countries have had to sleep with one eye open in fear of the Phantom Barber.

In episode 35 of the podcast, we discuss some of the prominent versions of Jack the Clipper and talk about what hair means to certain people. One case from 1942 in particular, the Phantom Barber of Pascagoula, received the most notoriety.

Pre World War II

Below are some news articles featuring Jack attacks that happened in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Phantom Barber of Pascagoula – 1942

A case that gripped the boom town of Pascagoula for months as World War II raged on.

Other Hair Raising Headlines

From the late 1800’s until the 1970’s men ran around under the cover of darkness, scissors or razors in hand. Occasionally being so brazen to even cut off locks of hair in broad daylight on public transportation.

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