Group Dance Wedding Songs as Horror Movies

How did this come up?

A few minutes in my brain will leave you shaken and concerned. Imagine a thousand trains running on the same track and most of the time I can keep them from crashing.

Here is how the thought process went.

I was DJ’ing a preschool party last night > I watched the adorable tots dance to instructional songs like ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ > A packed dance floor full of kids made me think about the childhood themed games that the characters play in ‘Squid Game‘ > I wondered if there could be a show based on dance competitions (last person to still be Cha-Cha Slide’ing wins money and their freedom > Cha Cha sounds like ‘Ch-Ch-Ch’ from Friday the 13th > Wedding group dance songs as horror movies.

Train of thought, off the tracks

So I got to work on making movie posters for each of the following wedding dance floor packers. If I missed any you would like to see me try, let me know.

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