Vintage Eloise Asylum Photos

Westland, Michigan – Established in 1832

Episode 26 of the podcast discusses both the Eloise Asylum and Northville Psychiatric Hospital. Asylums and Mental Hospitals provide an eerie setting for a movie or television show but what really went on behind the scenes? Enjoy these photos which came from a 1913 book entitled ‘History of Eloise’ by Stanislas M. Keenan.

Newspaper Clippings

Only five of the 78 buildings along with the Eloise Cemetery remain today. The firehouse, power plant, commissary and D buildings still stand but the bakery fell victim to arson in 2020. The asylum inspired a movie, entitled simply ‘Eloise’ in 2017, was featured on an Episode of Travel Channel’s ‘Destination Fear’ and is currently being used as a state of the art Haunted Attraction.

You can read the book, available on the public domain here –

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