Monstrous Movie Mothers

Name the Movie Mothers

Some of these movie moms are downright vicious, some are just cold and off-putting. All of them have at least one trait that makes them less than desirable as a mom. There are many more out there, if you know of some I missed, leave them in the comment section. These thirteen lovely ladies have just made an impact on me while watching their movies.

My Favorite Movie Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there. Feel free to right click on the above Mother’s Day card, featuring my favorite movie mom, save it and send it to a mom in your life. She’ll think it’s very sweet, trust me.

The answer keys are below so don’t scroll any further if you are still working on it.

The Answers You Seek

This is dedicated to my mother, Terri. She loved movies and was the best mom ever. I miss her everyday and I know she’s up there watching over me, wondering why I’m not making better use of my time. <3

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